CHEERS Telepathy Production Mystical Realm of Mountains and Seas Season 1 Proved a Great Success

BEIJING, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cheer Holding, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHR) ("Cheer Holding," or the "Company"), a leading provider of advanced mobile internet infrastructure and platform services, announced today that as of June 15, the total number of online view counts of topics including # Mystical Realm of Mountains and Seas and # CHEERS Telepathy on social media platforms, including TikTok, Kuaishou, Red, Tencent Video, iXigua and Weibo has exceeded 11 million, creating heated discussions among audiences since the first release on June 5, 2024.

Inspired by magnificent and imaginative ancient Chinese masterpiece, The Classic of Mountains and Seas. The first season has five episodes: The Tree of the Evil SpiritThe Beginning of the World in ChaosTaoyuan EstateThe Birth of the Evil God, and The Door to Another Dimension. The story starts from Yue Niu and Yue Tu sealing the chaos together with animal tribes, restoring the peace of the mountains and seas.

Mystical Realm of Mountains and Seas is a complete work of the series of animations created based on the text-to-video technology, which is supported by the independent AIGC technology of Cheer Holding. The comprehensive use of the latest technological achievements such as controllable image generation, dynamic generation and text-to-video technology makes all links of the work creation possible, from art design to dynamic effect generation and then to the finalization of the animation miniseries, which traditionally the production would take at least 5 months. However, CHEERS Telepathy made it possible to finish the whole work in only 3 weeks, thanks to the large model of Polaris Intelligent Cloud.

The heated discussion on the five episodes of Mystical Realm of Mountains and Seas Season 1 demonstrates the great cultural charm of one of the three Chinese masterpieces of the Ancient Era. As the first among the AIGC series of text-to-video animations completed solely relying on the CHEERS Telepathy, this animation is a successful business application of the Company’s AI technology to film and television production.

With CHEERS Telepathy continues to make major breakthroughs in its underlying technology and its application greatly expanding, the Company will accelerate the commercialization of the technology in the market and further promote its application in business sectors including film and television, animation, and advertisement.