Cheer Holding Releases AI Animated Miniseries "Mystical Realm of Mountains and Seas"

BEIJING, March 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Cheer Holding, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHR) ("Cheer Holding," or the "Company"), a leading provider of advanced mobile internet infrastructure and platform services, today announced the release of its original AI animated miniseries, "Mystical Realm of Mountains and Seas” (the “Miniseries”).

The trailer can be accessed at:

Inspired by the awe-inspiring and imaginative ancient Chinese masterpiece "Shan Hai Jing" (Classic of Mountains and Seas), "Mystical Realm of Mountains and Seas" transports viewers on an extraordinary journey alongside two animated characters “Yueniu” and “Yuetu”, as they lead an enthralling ensemble of mythical creatures with their brave mission: to restore harmony from chaos, and unlock the enigmatic secrets concealed within the mountains and seas. Delivered in captivating serialized seasons, each comprising 10 visually stunning episodes, this cinematic marvel offers a 2-minute immersive experience per episode. Every frame is a testament to the revolutionary AI-generated technology pioneered by the Cheer Holding.

At the heart of the Miniseries lies the Company's spectacular AI-powered mega-model, Polaris Intelligent Cloud (the “Polaris”). Empowered by unparalleled computational capabilities, exceptional product performance, and unmatched responsiveness, the Polaris effortlessly conjures intricate scenes teeming with diverse characters and intricate movements. Its ability to authentically simulate the physical world and make sophisticated decisions based on image comprehension sets new standards. Seamlessly navigating complex scenarios, it orchestrates seamless transitions between multiple camera angles, ensuring visual coherence and delivering an enchanting spectacle of unparalleled quality.

The grand unveiling of its original AI content creation marks a historic milestone for Cheer Holding, cementing the Company's position as an industry trailblazer in AI multimodal models and technology. With far-reaching implications for the domestic AI and GC applications field, this release showcases the Company's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and captivating audiences with their visionary creations.