Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Ltd Continues to Expand its Client List of Multiple Lifestyle Brands & Completes Customized Short-form Video Production Seasonal Programs for Some of the Leading International Sportswear & Fashion Brands

BEIJING, July 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: GSMG) (“Glory Star” or the “Company”), a leading mobile and online digital media and entertainment company in China, today announced that it has completed customized short-form video production programs for multiple international sportswear and lifestyle fashion brands, including Keios, Crocs, Sourcy, and Yvette.

As part of the Company’s content collaborations with international fashion brands, Glory Star continues to leverage its expertise in both China's emerging market for lifestyle products and the spending habits of China’s youth to further augment the presence of its partner brands in China. Through the production of high-quality, engaging, and personalized short-form video content, the Company will help its partner brands to better meet the diverse needs of younger Chinese consumers and thus upgrade their shopping experiences significantly. After production, these customized short-form videos will be promoted on the Company’s CHEERS app as well as other third-party e-commerce and social media platforms, such as Taobao, Tmall,, Pinduoduo, and WeChat.

E-commerce in China is not just another distribution channel. E-commerce platforms, together with social media and mobile apps combine to create a sophisticated and vibrant digital environment where Chinese consumers live and constantly engage in their daily activities.  Glory Star continues to successfully reach Chinese consumers, build brands and generate profits in this lucrative market, companies understand it is a unique digital and e-commerce landscape.  

Mr. Bing Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Glory Star, commented, “We are excited to announce the completion of our customized short-form video production programs for these world-class brands and look forward to working together going forward. As part of these programs, we plan to consistently provide these international brands with superior content solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each company and their respective marketing goals in China. Additionally, we are confident that our ability to produce professional lifestyle content for China’s youth will enable our partner brands to better execute dynamic, content-driven marketing campaigns. As such, our partner brands will more effectively reach their target consumers, enhance their brand reputations, and penetrate the domestic market through our collaborations. As we continue to develop these types of upstream partnerships, we are also laying the foundation for future collaborations with other renowned brands, which should help to further bolster our partner base as well as sustain our growth momentum going forward.”

About Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited

Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited is a leading mobile entertainment operator in China. Glory Star’s ability to integrate premium lifestyle content, including short videos, online variety shows, online dramas, live streaming, its Cheers lifestyle video series, e-Mall, and mobile app, along with innovative e-commerce offerings on its platform enables it to pursue its mission of enriching people’s lives. The Company’s large and active user base creates valuable engagement opportunities with consumers and enhances platform stickiness with thousands of domestic and international brands.